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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

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Mr Loftus

Mr Loftus (6KB)

Linda Yorke  Assistant Head Teacher

Linda Yorke Assistant Head Teacher (94KB)

Claire Butler Teacher

Claire Butler Teacher (88KB)

Sharon Dicken  Teacher

Sharon Dicken Teacher (100KB)

Sue Shakespeare  Teacher

Sue Shakespeare Teacher (78KB)

Sharon Smith  Teacher

Sharon Smith Teacher (71KB)

Ros McGovern  Teacher

Ros McGovern Teacher (80KB)

Penny Pooley  Teacher

Penny Pooley Teacher (85KB)

Lynn Lerigo  Teacher

Lynn Lerigo Teacher (89KB)

Laura Parkin    Teacher

Laura Parkin Teacher (92KB)

Pam Worthington  Teacher

Pam Worthington Teacher (90KB)

Mrs Statham

Mrs Statham (5KB)

Mrs Hall

Mrs Hall (92KB)

Mrs Inwood

Mrs Inwood (5KB)

Mrs Palmer

Mrs Palmer (5KB)

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